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About Myself

Ah, so you've chosen to brave the section where I ramble on about myself. Hope I don't bore you overly much. Here goes.

My "real" name is Alexander "Alec" Michael Robinson. I'm a 25-year old male and currently live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have adopted the online (and spiritual) name of Ranakanth (ran•ah•kan-th). One of these years I might post up a picture of myself, if I can ever find one I'm happy with.

I created this site to be my own personal space on the web. In previous incarnations I was trying to make it something more, but I think I'll aim a little more realistically this time. On this site you will find my Writings, a look at the world Through My Eyes, some Links to sites that I find interesting, as well as information on Draconity and my experiences relating to it. If you don't know the term, Draconity a deep connection with dragons in some way, shape, or form. Go read that section if you want to learn more.

...and this is the first and only time I've been writing the obligatory "about me" page and can't for the life of me come up with anything to say. So until my brain kicks into gear, I'll list my various interests.

First and foremost is my love of dragons. And I don't mean those ugly, misshapen travesties you find most dragons depicted as in victorian texts. If you venture over to Michael Whelan's, Todd Lockwood's, or Ciruelo Cabral's online galleries, they capture the majesty and beauty befitting the name "dragon". This Whelan print hangs on my wall (thanks sis!).

Second only to my love of dragons are wolves and tigers, as well as other large cats. I also enjoy the company of most domestic cats and dogs as well, though the closer to wild, the better. I also have a fascination for magpies, other corvids, and the red fox.

I also enjoy art of the fantasy (as in medieval times and dragons), sci-fi, and anthromorphic varity. I'm very picky about what art I do and don't like however. I prefer realistic proportions/ clothing/ poses/ etc. "What's that?" you ask yourself, "A guy who doesn't want to see a chainmail-bikini clad, huge breasted she-wolf toting a gun as big as she is?" Yup, I'm a weirdo. Anyhow, enough trying to make myself look good. On the fantasy & sci-fi side some of my favorite artists are Michael Whelan, Todd Lockwood, Ciruelo Cabral, Gerald Brom, and Bob Eggleton. On the anthro side are Sidian, Goldenwolf, and Kyoht. There are many others to be found in the Links section.

Musically my tastes are pretty varied. On the alternative/rock side of things I like Metallica, Creed, Finger Eleven, Holly McNarland, Goo Goo Dolls, Linkin Park, Nickleback, Fuel, Our Lady Peace, and so on. In country music, I listen to Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Paul Brandt, Trisha Yearwood, etc. And I can't forget classical, "new age", celtic (Loreena McKennitt nut), and folk music. About the only genres I can't stomach are rap and hip hop. I won't hold your musical views against you, just don't expect me to listen to it.

Whew... For not knowing what to say, I still manage to be long-winded. Anyhow, should you choose to Contact me, here's a couple things to keep in mind. I truly suck at starting conversations. Ask me questions, tell me your views on something, or whatever. But if you just say "Hi" we'll likely exchange the customary pleasantries and the conversation will die then and there. I actually really enjoy talking with people, but I need a topic. Oh, and if you hadn't already noticed, I have a tendency to rant when I feel strongly about something. This doesn't mean that I don't consider the opinions of others. On the contrary. I love a good debate. Anyone want to discuss life/death/afterlife, religious views, spirituality, the cosmos, or the merrits of your favorite colour?

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