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Please note that any text in the links below that refers to "me" or "my" artwork, writing, etc., is a quotation taken from the respective author's page and is no way any reference to my (Ranakanth's) site or work.

The banners, artwork, logos, etc. are all © their respective owners.

Art Sites
The official site of
Ciruelo Cabral

Dark Natasha

Enter a world of darkness, a void which is the realm of all that is not yet in form. The void is called the great mystery. Great mystery existed before all other things came into existence. My creative magic has come from this void of darkness like all other creations, giving me the challenge to bring my creations to life, and into the light.

Within the darkness there is a light.

Ebony Horizons

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A gigantic site for amature art.

Fair Winds

My name's Carolyn Mitchell. This is my homepage, full of all sorts of items of personal interest that few besides myself would waste their time with. If you did, however, come here purposefully in search of something, well, I hope you leave content, and fair winds keep you.

Goldenwolf's Den

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Featherdust Studios

Here you will mainly find my personal fantasy/wildlife artwork, and more gryphons than you can shake a large burning torch at!


A site featuring the artwork of many professional fantasy/sci-fi artists.


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Alt.fan.dragons Web Site

A huge archive of dragon sites and information.

Here Be Dragons

Dragon physiology, poetry, graphics, and lots of links!

The Dragon Compendium

A guide to dragons in fantasy books

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The science of draconology, or the study of dragons, is focus here, with reasonably scholarly articles, vivid pictures and a collection of Web links serving to introduce visitors to the legendary creatures.

The Historical Dragon Page

At the end of the 20th century we are inclined to forget that in former times dragons were thought to be real creatures. They were responsible for natural hazards and other unexplainable phenomena. These old legends, however, are more and more forgotten. On these pages you will find historical dragons. Venture foreward and explore their stories !

Windseeker's Lair of Mythical Realms

Home of dragons and other mythical creatures...

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The Draconity FAQ
by Baxil

"I am a dragon."

Do these four words describe you or someone you know? If so, chances are good that you're curious about what that statement really means.

Many people wonder about the psychological basis for draconity. Perhaps you're concerned about the spiritual implications of calling oneself a dragon. Or what sort of community resources are available.

In this document, I would like to try to address all these concerns in a straightforward and informative way. Whether you're coming to terms with your own draconity, or concerned about a friend or relative who is, I hope you find this useful.

Truewyrm on Yahoo! Groups

This is a list for those who believe, or know, that they are Dragons. If you believe you are a Dragon, have been in the past, or have a strong spiritual bond with one, please join the list! We also ask that if you are Otherkin, but *not* a Dragon nor strongly associated with them, that you not join this list. There are many lists out there for Otherkin, but very few for Dragons alone. We do not wish to alienate anyone, instead, it is our hope to provide a haven for Dragons and their kin alone at this time. This may change in the future, but I ask that you respect this decision for now. This is not a list for roleplayers. We are serious. Anyone showing disrespect on this list will be banned.

So if this list is right for you, please join us and let your draconic spirit take flight and may you ride the Winds in strength.

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