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Hunter's Gaze

Day dawns slowly
Over the great pyramids
Warming the cold sands
After a long desert night.

The man pulls his cloak
Tight about himself
Checks his rifle once more
Glances to the pyramid.

"Guaranteed to stop a charging Elephant in one shot"
The man at the store claimed
"It'll go through damn near anything"
The hunter hoped it would.

The man checked the rifle again
It wouldn't do to have it jam
And measured the sights
When hunting the most dangerous quarry
one must always be on guard.

Watching the sky with its now blinding sun
The man begins to wonder
Do I really know what I'm doing?
Hunting a Dragon?

But even as he thinks this
Something catches his eye
Something like a strange soaring bird
But impossibly huge
Brown dragon of the sands

Despite his purpose
The man cannot help but gaze in awe
Of this great creature perched
Upon the greatest of the pyramids.

Even at this tremendous distance
It is a fearsome sight
With winged death perched upon the pyramid
Searching for it's prey.

With out so much as a whisper
It lifts into the air
Eyes locked on its prey
A lone camel oblivious of impending death.

The man throws himself upon the sand
As the dragon streaking overhead
It's shadow engulfing him in momentary darkness;
Yet nearly invisible against the morning sun.

Like some winged dagger
The dragon drops throughout the air
Falling upon the unsuspecting animal
It's neck snapping like a twig
Before it even senses danger.

The fearsome wyrm lifts the dead animal
Hurtling off into the sky
The man scurrying to follow the beast
All the way back to it's lair.

Far across the dunes
Where he lost sight of this great predator
The man crawls, belly down in the sand
His view just creeping over the edge of the dune
To behold the spectacle below.

Within the nest the dragon rests
Contentedly watching her young feed
On the dead animal's carcass.

The man quietly takes his rifle from his back
Removing the protective rag from the barrel
Loading it silently, taking aim.

The sights fix upon his quarry
Following the length of the sleek, powerful skull
Finally coming to the eye
His finger poised over the trigger
Suddenly transfixed by the dragon's ruby stare.

Unable to move
Unable to act
Frozen in time.

The man slowly lowers the rifle
Unloads it
And buries it in the sand...

© Alexander M. Robinson
March 5th, 1998

2005 Ranakanth aka Alexander M. Robinson. Unauthorized reproduction of any or all of the material on this site unless otherwise stated is expressly forbidden. For more details, contact me.