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A Stranger In Myself

Through the calm, crisp air
Of the cold autumn night
Gliding on moonlit wings
Glittering darkness flies through the night

Creature of dark power;
Being of great mystery,
I watch in terrible fascination
As it glides through the still night

I stand breathless,
As it moves without sound;
Unable to move, I only watch
Frozen with fear, held in awe

With glowing eyes it surveys the land;
Imperceptibly altering its course,
Nearly skimming the tree tops
Searching for its prey

I stand transfixed, watching it darken the sky
Majestically it glides overhead
I hold my breath, knowing
It must feel my presence

And yet, it flies on
Seemingly unaware, still hunting;
Dropping through the air,
Captures its helpless prey

My heart begins to beat once more,
I remember to breathe again.
Looking to where it now feeds,
I behold the sight

Frozen once more with awe;
The sight of the scales, glinting with moonlight,
The powerful wings and limbs, snake-like neck
Ended with a fearsome head; terrifying beauty

And as I watch,
Unable to look away
Those eyes that burn like twin suns
Rise to meet with mine.

In that moment, lasting a millennium,
I see in those eyes such uninhibited power,
Such majesty, that my heart did break
When it turned away.

And as it leapt into the air,
Scales shimmering in moonlight,
I realized that part of myself left with it,
Replaced with something alien to myself.

© Alexander M. Robinson
Nov. 7, 1997

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