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The Darkness

        Wings bathed in moonlight
        Cleave through the cold, crisp air
        Of the early autumn night
        Flying to escape the darkness

        Like some twisted raptor,
        She glides through the night
        Her form melting into the shadows
        As a cloud engulfs the moon

        And I watch the great serpent bat
        Silhouette darts over my head.
        Glistening scales, obsidian talons, pursued
        By the all encompassing darkness

        She swoops low over the towering pines
        Disturbing the early frost of an ice fog
        Now past. Scanning for a clearing or cliff
        In need of a refuge; in need of rest.

        I hold my breath as its dark form
        Circles, lands, not half its length from myself
        Breathless I watch; steely scales and powerful wings
        I recognize the Grey Dragon; last of her kind.

        She lands soundless, rests her weary wings
        Feels the presence of another, turns to regard this
        Stranger; tall fragile figure, robe of black and staff
        She recognizes the young mage; last of his kind

        I watch with calm terror. Irises of reddish brown
        Rise and meet eyes of azure flame
        Her mind reaches out to mine; the darkness writhes around us
        What is to be done?

        Nothing, She answers him with the same
        Inescapable truth of which he was already aware
        She feels the darkness, now no more than a man's length away
        Our time has come

        I shudder with terrible realization of what is to come, with the
        Awareness that I already knew what was to come. The darkness now
        Swirls about us, engulfing us. It is the darkness of disbelief, of things
        No longer remembered

        Even as the darkness swells and engulfs Herself and the man mage,
        Removing them from a world that no longer believes in them,
        She feels the clouds gather far above them,
        Hears the thunder roar

        I summon the bolt of lightning, the arc of pure
        White light forks and bends, a sea of energy consumes
        The dragon and myself. For the final time, our minds touch
        Each seeking the others assurance; now we are truly alone.

        She feels his mind reach out even as they are consumed
        Returning his mental touch, they exchange the same question
        Each seeking each other's assurance
        As they slip beyond our reality

        And in the darkness that bears no name
        A silent whisper speaks
        We shall meet in the
        Place where there is no darkness.

        © Alexander M. Robinson
        Dec. 3, 1997

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