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What of the Dragons?

What of the dragons?
From whence did they come

Their stories are told
The legends live always
Of these creatures of mystery
Beings of wisdom
Who came from a place
Mysterious as themselves

A place beyond human thought
As far as the edge of the universe
As close as the human heart
A place with out time
A place of magic

They came to this world
In centuries long past
Not as conquerors
Not as demons
But as dreams
Born of moonlit fantasy

Drawn by their fascination
Driven by their lusts
And always haunted
By their passion for that thing
That mortals call gold

Beings of wisdom
Creatures of beauty
Hunted and scorned
By the children of men;
It is said
They returned to this place

But the mind doth ponder,
And the dreams yet wonder

Could not some still remain?
Their souls walking amongst us
Human in form
Dragon in heart

© Alexander M. Robinson
Oct. 14, 1997

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